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originates in my phase as a professional photographer, in wich the searching of the wonders of the world made me explore some of its most hidden and extraordinary places.
Is from my fascination to that greatness that Imaginaria was born.


Imaginaria is a study about nature in wich the human vision, the richness of the ecosystems and the scientific sobriety blend into artistic harmony. The natural law has great influence in the concept of the work, where science and art meet an suitable space for dialogue. Both are different ways to investigate the limits of reality.


During the creation of a work different experiences arise.
I experiment a relation of mutualism with nature, taking part/interacting actively with the wild environment. The main requirement of my work is the balance between the laws of nature and abstract human concepts like the circle or the line.


I’m interested in exploring the multiple sides of light and darkness. The light is wave and particle at the same time. Darkness dominates time and space. It is the reign of dark matter and energy. What is the void? Why there’s something instead of nothing?  What is matter?


I try ordinary materials, like stones, sand, reed, branches, leaves and flowers, among others. I want to magnify the insignificant, because the common fits perfectly the biomes of the earth.


The obsession of understanding time leaded me to study relativity and to consider its value. Maybe society gives too much credit to the time of the watches, paying no attention to other temporalities. The perception of time is not the same in a desert and in a city.


Photography is the ideal medium to freeze in time a work that, otherwise, would surely disappear. Is also the final point of view of the author about his work. Thus, a work within a work.

Piero Spoggi